The Draconian Vale

Prove Your Worth Pt. 1

I knew there was a reason I never left the forest, the outside lands are pure chaos.

While trying to find another forest to commune with the spirits, and hopefully to aid Keth in his search, we happened upon some ‘caravan’ that was being raided by goblins.

Before I could react some lizard stepped out into battle along with a fellow elf. She was dressed oddly and had strange clothes, while the lizard spouted smoke and flame but he appeared to be in control of this skill. I was worried the lizard was going to be torn apart by the numbers of goblins so I tried to help, and Keth did the same.

Keth crushed a skull of a Goblin, the other elf whirled into action, the lizard as I mentioned before roasted a goblin, while I fought with the spirits to root and bother the goblins. In the end our hunt was successful. Before we could finally meet our fellow warriors a cry came from the wooden pile. It was a human who said something about danger in area named Ossalgard, and with that there was a cry from the woods which were lit ablaze with pleas to some fire god.

Enraged I was about to put an arrow between the eye of the fire setter when the area got filled with thick smoke and I fell over. However, upon awakening I found the last piece of my home missing along with being trapped.

In panic mixed with anger I searched around for my bow, crying out, only barley noticing that the other elf and lizard was there. Along with Keth and some older human. Finally some human was kind enough to hand me my bow back, no arrows, but at least home was closer to me. Looking around there was no escape, no way out, just rock and long metal branches keeping us in.

All of us without weapons tried to reason with the human who said he’d bring a ‘captain’. From what I’ve gathered a captain is the head of the warriors and hunters. Soon this captain appeared and called himself Brom. I was angry with him at first, but later on I learned of the troubles of their tribe and I now understand his fears. After trying to explain ourselves, and Brom informing us about his tribe’s troubles we were granted access to their chief. But here’s another strange term, their chief is called a lord.

This lord lives in a human area, so it was very strange, Keth and I was wondering why they left empty armor with no one inside… But the chief’s name was Castleton and he was very wise. Castleton listened well, and asked we aid his tribe. He offered us a box to camp in, and food from a very nice half elf, Catrina. Castleton was after a tome, and told us goblins were on the rise and attacking more of these ‘caravans’. From what I’ve gathered these caravans hold trade goods, and goblins are rare in the area. From what I’ve guessed, these goblins are gathering and attacking this Ossalgard tribe.

Perhaps I’m getting soft with age, or I don’t want anyone else losing their home I agreed to help. I told Keth maybe this area would have the answers he was after, and I got a nod in response. We were paired with the lizard who was called a ‘dragonborn’ and the elf. The lizard does not look like what I heard of the tales of dragons, but either way he appeared to be more knowledgeable about the human area. But knew little of the forest. The elf was kind enough to try and explain these odd areas, she must have been with humans for awhile to explain her dress.

Either way, after resting in Catrina’s camp we set out to find this tome and rid Ossalgard of their goblins. While traveling to a ‘keep’ we ran into a boar. Boars are usually only angered by crossing into their territory but this boar seemed to be spooked. It attacked Keth and wounded him badly, but with our combined skills we were able to over come it. The dragonborn tried to salvage the boar meat and seemed to be worried about me trying to aid the boar into joining with the spirits.

Normally animal spirits are the easiest for me to sooth and aid, this one however had a lot of fear. I was very concerned about this…

Moving on we found the keep, or I should say the dragonborn’s annoying pet bird did. It had goblin scouts looking out, and I knew keth was not the most sneaky, and I was unsure about the dragonborn. So I allowed them to go on ahead to another back entrance while I melted with the forest to attack one of the goblins. I knew this would create a distraction in the front so that hopefully we could enter the rocky ‘keep’ from behind. As I shot the goblin I left to join the others.

As we tried to cross over into the keep we were greated by many rats. There was a lot of the rodents, enough to pour out after being disturbed by the pet bird. I was fearful that I would run out of arrows before the battle ended. However, once again between this hunting party we all survived and our enemies fell. Now we are inside the keep with a room of dead foods and some kind of bottled liquid that reeks of age. I am unsure of where we will be heading next but I feel as long as we work together we can find this tomb and kill the fire god. May not be the ones who attacked my home, but at least I will prevent this fire god from taking any more spirit’s homes.

Four strangers..

For each of your various reasons, you’ve been traveling through the Eastmarch Downs and find yourselves nearing the crossroads not far outside of the small town of Ossalgard.

It is a pleasant day, on the verge of Summer’s Turn, and on this late afternoon, the sun hangs low and heavy in the distant horizon as you make your way down the road. There are a few other travelers on the roads, covnerging on the same crossroads as yourself. You can hear birds chirping in the nearby forest, and the creaky thump of a wagon as it wends its way south toward Ossalgard.

As you approach the crossroads, you find yourself within hailing distance of your fellow travelers…


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