Kratigrosk Firetongue

A Vagabond Bard with many questions and a love of maps


Race: Dragonborn
Height: 6’9"
Weight: 261 lbs.
Scale Color: Red
Eyes: Yellow
Breath Weapon: Fire
Hometown: Andall’s Gate
Allergies: Plants, Pollen, etc

“Avgud tokh kiig krii tumn wux, makapazurk’aan miir athal siika’aan
Krii litaag fliir tokh hiidra patiir otir holl rangak balkhder”


Kratigrosk Firetongue (kʰrætʰɪɡ-roʊsk)

“Balurthog’aan Saang” (Dragonborn’s Song)
Small child, lost in the woods
Cast out for an unknown reason
Discovered by Ragnar, saved from the fire
Dragonborn hatchling
Scales, as red as blood
A symbol of evil, yet with a heart of gold.
Trained in the power of the voice

Raac vrak, woari dzha vaan skjall’ssk
Rekan’la ekik fusvolkot dril
Fushiitha’la athal Ragnar, ekonomith’la otir vaan khumn
Balurthog korplyuk
Mashtag, durmok wurkog blognak
Takig tokh malsvir, enn a’kharz tokh shaay
Kema’la pervek makh tokh styn’tumn

Story of Kratigrosk
Kratigrosk Firetongue was the largest of five eggs his mother laid. He, his unhatched sibilings, and Mother and Father lived in Crescent Wood. About a week before he hatched, a strange symbol appeared on the egg, a five pointed star. His mother did not notice it until only a few days before he hatched. She cast him out of the nest, not wanting the star to spread to the other eggs in her brood.

Kratigrosk’s egg rolled through the forest, down a hill before landing in a clearing. A Raven with blue tipped feathers, and one red eye had spied the egg, and swooped down and began pecking the egg, the egg then pecked back, It began to crack and split. before eventually a newly hatched red scaled Dragonborn rolled on to the green grass. The raven blinked, it looked at the newborn, Then Kratigrosk took a deepbreath, and a then a sneeze shook the clearing. Fire now consumed the tree infront of the him. The Raven hopped around the newborn squawking. It was luck that brought Ragnar Hrakkison to find the raven hopping around the newborn, He had barely left his egg. Ragnar scooped up the egg and Kratigrosk and hurried out of the path of the blaze. The Raven also came along, following Ragnar to Andall’s Gate.

Now Ragnar was a traveling minstrel. Though Ragnar was a vagabond, he did have a home in Andall’s Gate. Ragnar brought Kratigrosk there. Here, Kratigrosk came to know as home. Ragnar taught Kratigrosk how to play the lute, to sing, cartography, caligraphy, and most important of all Kratigrosk was taught the powers of the arcane. Ragnar also instilled in Kratigrosk a sense of Honor, an the idea of dying with glory, majesty, and unity with oneself. Kratigrosk was an adventurous soul from the moment he could walk. He got into anything and everything. He never got into to much trouble as the raven, Hoenir went wherever he went, acting as a guardian, though he showered Kratigrosk with smart ass comments. This made Kratigrosk regret teaching the bird to speak. But the two were nigh inseparable.

Now one thing that always seemed to get Kratigrosk in trouble the most through out his youth, was his allergies. Anytime he got near any strong concentration of pollen, he would devolve into a few powerful sneezes that caused small jets of flame to shoot from his mouth, setting small flammable objects a light.

Story of the Greenhouse
When Kratigrosk was two years old, Ragnar left him alone for a few days. Hoenir kept a close watch on Kratigrosk, steering him away from mortal danger. But as watchful as Hoenir is, he could not keep his keen eyes on Kratigrosk at all times, especially when he spied something shiny.

So on one of these occasions Kratigrosk wandered about Andall’s Gate and as he wandered the city streets he came across a greenhouse filled with brightly colored flowers. Now this greenhouse was owned by Lagertha Swordmaiden; this was unknown to Kratigrosk. So Kratigrosk wanted to get get a better look at the flowers. He entered the greenhouse and marveled at the colorful flowers. Suddenly his nose began to itch and a huge sneeze ripped through the greenhouse and a jet of flame shot from Kratigrosk’s mouth; flame quickly engulfed the greenhouse. Lagertha noticed the flames and began to douse it in water. By the time she got the flames out, the greenhouse was destroyed and Kratigrosk sat in the middle giggling. Lagertha chased Kratigrosk all the way back to Ragnar’s home. This planted the seed of Kratigrosk’s dislike for plants, because they always seem to bring about bad things, especially when someone guards the plants.

As it is known that Dragonborns families are often organized as clans. But Kratigrosk was cast out of his family. The fact that he did not have a clan bothered him greatly. So to fill this gap he had a custom tartan woven as his personal symbol and he set out to find people that he could grow to love as family, and become his clan. He wears his tartan as sash over his clothes.


Concerning Elfgyth Moonscale
Shortly after the incident at Lagertha’s Greenhouse, Kratigrosk grew bored with the human, and half-elf children he grew up with. Fortunate for him he ran into another Dragonborn Child. She was Elfgyth Moonscale; though when they met she was simply called Raac;[IPA: ɻæk](Meaning: Small); as she was the runt of the brood. She was a few years older than Kratigrosk but still around the same height. She took a liking to Hoenir and his tricksy ways. She and Kratigrosk soon came to be great friends. They were hardly seen apart, some people even speculated that they would become a mated pair.

Story of the Golden Apple
In a square in Andall’s Gate there is a fountain, and there is a golden statue in the fountain and on this statue is a golden apple. Kratigrosk and Elfgyth were in this square and sitting on the lip of the fountain. Elfgyth looked at the golden apple on the statue and said, “I bet you five silver that you couldn’t hit that apple with a stone at twenty paces” Kratigrosk looked up at the apple and said, “Deal!” They each picked up a stone and walking twenty paces from the fountain. Elfgyth threw first and missed. Hoenir squawked and said, “You think you could hit the buildings?” Elfgyth made a face at Hoenir. Kratigrosk threw his stone and it struck the apple and the apple flew of the statue. Hoenir took off and snatched the apple and flew off screaming “MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE!” Elfgyth looked at Kratigrosk and said, “We should probably get going”. Kratigrosk agreed and the pair ran off into the maze of alleyways.

Kratigrosk Firetongue

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