Eastmarch Downs

A region in the western part of the Draconian Vale. It lies on the old Dwarven trade road known as the Stoneway, roughly in the middle between Andall’s Gate and the Sunforge Mountains.

It is named because the Eastmarch was once the far eastern border of an ancient empire whose center was on the far side of the dangerous Glimmerwood. Eventually, all empires fall, as did this one, and the small outposts in the Eastmarch became villages and towns, less of a soldier garrison and more of an agrarian community.

Some features of the Downs:

-In the north lies the town of Estgard
-On the southern end, the town of Ossalgard
-To the east, in a gathering of woods, the ancient garrison outpost of Hurthorn Keep, now abandoned.
-To the northeast, a small but dark wood, known to the locals as the Forgotten Shade

Eastmarch Downs

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