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Spanning over 1,000 leagues, the Draconian Vale a mostly verdant expanse between the tall, cold Andall Mountains (to the North) and the lower, drier Sunforge Mountains (to the South). It is hemmed to the west by the great forest known as the Glimmerwood, and to the east by the shores of the massive freshwater sea, Lake Draconus.

While there is no war (at present) in the Vale, its people are not unified under any one banner; each town, village and city is its own freehold with its own problems. Everything in between these pockets of civilization is full of monsters, bandits, vicious animals, and worse creatures. Those who venture it are only seasoned merchants and traders, or the very rare adventurer out to make a name for themselves. Occasionally a scholar will venture out to a dragon grave site, usually with hired protection, to see what greater secrets he can uncover about the race of fallen wyrms. Anyone else who braves the attempt without adequate protection usually find themselves claimed by the many dangers of the wild.

Of major cities, the Vale has only two. On the shores of Lake Draconus is the trade city of Ilysport, with a population of approximately 18,000. Its docks receive shipments from across the far side of Lake Draocnus every day, and its streets bustle with all manner of peoples.

In the northwest corner of the Vale is the city of Andall’s Gate, the last stop for any who venture into the Andall Mountains and to the northern lands beyond. It has a population of approximately 10,000 and is the site of a fortress that once stood sentinel to the Vale from northern invaders in some ancient and great empire.

Other than these, there are about a half-dozen more towns whose population numbers 2,000-4,000, and the rest are villages, numbering less than 1,000.

Geographic Overview

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