The Vale is home to many and varied types of people. Humans are by far the most numerous, but the other peoples of the Vale are quite common.


Whether they came because they felt a kinship to all the dragon sites or are in fact descended from the dragon civilization that was here, Dragonborn are numerous and common in the Vale, with many serving as high ranking members of the community.


There are known to be a few Elf tribes on the edges of the Glimmerwood, and many others in the smaller forests that cover the Vale. These are rarely seen outside of their tribal homes, but they do occasionally trade or treat with the villages and towns of the Vale. Other Elf folk have become integrated members of those communities.


The Dwarves of the Andall Mountains have many mines and holds deep beneath the stone. Though they mostly keep to themselves, they are on good terms with the people of the Vale and do much trade with them. Many Dwarf clans have dispersed into the Valeand are a common sight in the northern Vale. A very few are known to venture further south. There are no known living Dwarf settlements in the Sunforge Mountains, but there are those who say there are plenty of Dwarven ruins there.


Most halfling communities have dispersed and integrated with the greater populations of the Vale, but there are a few communities along the coast of the Lake Draconus and the River Andus. Halflings largely prefer the city but some are known to go to smaller locales.


Gnomes mostly do not interact with the people of the Vale. They exist in pockets on the edge of the Glimmerwood, but mostly keep to themselves, busy tinkering or studying or doing other Gnomish work.


Drow are mostly unknown in the Vale, except in scary stories told to children. There are tales, though, that deep beneath the Andall mountains, the Dwarves have found passages into the Underdark…


To most of the Vale, Tieflings are a legend. The people of the coast and Ilysport know better, as they have seen them on their
voyages, or occasionally even in port. But rare indeed is the person that can truthfully claim to have seen one.


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