Since you were a child, you’ve grown up hearing the stories. Great winged, scaled beasts, that breathed fire or frost, acid or lightning. They amassed hoards of wondrous treasures, raided countrysides, dominated kingdoms, and outwitted even the cleverest feyfolk. The might and majesty that were the Dragons. But nobody, not even the oldest of the Elves, has ever seen one.


Not alive, that is. But their bones and remains are still discovered throughout the world, and their physiology, culture, language, history, and nearly everything else about them have been the subjects of study for scholars for centuries. Dragon burial sites have been reported the world over, as far east as the Sea of Ash on the Far Continent and as far north as the Icecrown. But by far, the most dense collection of dragon remains has been found in the area now known as the Draconian Vale.

No one is quite sure why there are so many of these sites in the Vale, but scholars have many theories. Some posit that it was the location ofa once-great dragon kingdom, others believe it was once the site of a massive battlefield in a war between dragons.

Regardless of why, for most of its inhabitants, the dragon remains are little more than just that—bones and dust, and the kind that go looking for them usually bring trouble with them. The only folk interested in trying to dig up the past are scholars, for its wealth of knowledge, or the rare intrepid adventurer, for its wealth of coin.

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The Draconian Vale

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